Do Not Drink Yourself Into Diabetes!


No one wants to have the diabetes. It is like asking a stern conservative if they want to pay more for welfare or government taxes or asking any of the Kardashians if they would like to work a real job.

It is a chronic disease that slowly takes away from one’s quality of life ever so slowly. It is a lifetime of daily needle sticks, limiting what you can eat, and visits with your primary, foot, endocrine, eye and all other types of doctors. Who wants that?

The biggest kicker is that this is one of the MOST preventable diseases! However it has reached epidemic levels here in the U.S. along with obesity. In our lifetimes it is a conservative estimate that 1/3 of adults will be obese, not overweight but OBESE.

Fat and sick, that is going to be the new American dream if we don’t put down the pop or the sweet tea soon.

The Role of Sugar and Insulin in Diabetes

There are three things that one must know about how are body normally processes sugar in order to understand how obesity and diabetes are related.

1. How Sugar Enters our Blood- The sugar from the food we eat enters our body from mouth to stomach to intestines (where it gets absorbed) intothe blood stream.

In the bloodstream, it travels to all of our vital organs like our brain, liver, lungs, and kidneys to get used for energy. The BIGGEST consumer of sugar though in our body is our muscles.

2. The Role of the Pancreas- Without the pancreas producing insulin, the sugar in our blood will be just chilling in the blood stream with nowhere to go. You see, insulin is like the invitation sugar needs to get into the cells of our body (mainly muscle) from the blood stream.

Have you ever tried trying to get into a club in Atlanta without having an invitation or being on the list? It is an experience you can do without, trust me.

3. How having all that Sugar is not so Sweet- Sugar is good for the soul (especially that brown sugar, hahaha) however there is a limit. Short term consequences, you will start putting on the pounds. Long term consequences are much worse than having to move up a dress or pants size.

I) Your Heart- The rise in heart disease as well as diabetes is no coincidence, it has been happening since the 1950’s. All that extra sugar will damage the walls of your blood vessels leading to inflammation. This inflammation is the first step in the formation of a fatty plaque.

What can these fatty plaques eventually do?

They can break off and go block one of the blood vessels of the heart causing a heart attack or block off one of the arteries in the brain causing a stroke.

II) Your Hands and Feet- That sugar not only damages blood vessels but will also destroy your nerves. Mainly the smaller ones in the tips of your hands and feet. When the nerves are destroyed the first thing that goes is the ability feel. While pain sucks, it is necessary in order for us to realize something is wrong.

What would you rather have? Be in pain after accidentally placing your hand on a hot stove or a new pancake hand?

Without feeling, one can get sores that turn into ulcers on the feet. When those bad boys get infected, it is time to cut that foot or toe off. Now do you see what I am talking about?

The Different Types of Diabetes

It can be split into two types, 1 & 2

Type 1, a problem with the pancreas itself- Most people are born with this former something happens to the pancreas that is unable to make enough insulin. The most common example is a longtime alcoholic. It is where the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to lower the blood sugar in our body.

This irreversible and requires one to be on lifetime insulin in order to survive.

Type 2, a problem our body’s response to insulin- This is what most people have in America due to obesity. It is acquired over the years when our body becomes desensitized to insulin by eating or drinking far too much sugar.

Our body requires more and more insulin in order to get that sugar into the rest of our organs. Over time the muscles and other organs demand so much insulin, our poor pancreas cannot keep up with the demand,and we develop diabetes.

This type can be reversed with better eating habits and exercise. Exercise makes our body more sensitive to the effects of insulin.


Control your Sugary Drink Consumption

I swear, if LeBron James drinks as much Sprite as he promotes I would be flabbergasted. First of all, soda and whatever sports drink peddled is liquid diabetes in my mind until otherwise proven.

The beverage industry has billions of dollars to spend on advertising,and you know what they want to do? Make money, and how do they do that? They make drinking a Pepsi look sexy by having Kylie Jenner in a commercial,or cool by having famous athletes like Kevin Durant and Ronaldo promote Sugarade, sorry I mean Diabetes-ade, no sorry again I meant Gatorade.

Listen to your best friend Dr. Bram, the doctor you wish you had. There is nothing like exercise good old fashioned water. It is the key to success in life,shout out to you DJ Khaled!

Think about it, if you replaced two sugary beverages with water per day then you would consume 300-500 fewer calories and 60-80 fewer grams of sugar per day! You add that throughout the week,and you would have lost a pound a week by holding out on the soda and Diabetes-ade( I keep saying it haha, I mean Gatorade).

If you are exercising like an athlete but not consuming the sugary beverages, you will be well on your way to a healthy my friends.

Again, Please cut down on the sugary drinks people! It is the easiest thing we can do stop our healthcare costs from rising due to too many people having foot amputations or missing time due to having a heart attack.

More importantly it will help you lead your best life. I know people want to be healthy and happy in life, that first step requires us to be a little miserable by drinking water. The real drink of champions like LeBron James and Mr. Tom Brady.

Christian Bramwell

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Christian Bramwell, MD uses his own weight loss story as teaching for people struggling with their own weight through blogging, teaching, and writing. His mission in life is to promote health and education, that is why he has chosen to be a family physician and found his own nonprofit Project RAK based on education and empowerment.

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