Best Blender For Crushing Ice & Frozen Fruits

Crushing ice is another one of those things that weak and cheap blenders have a hard time dealing with. There are blenders that would completely shut down when you put ice inside them, and then there are blenders that need a lot of liquid to help break down the ice. A blender with high motor power and stainless steel blades is perfect for the job. Some of the best blender for ice that can crush ice easily are –

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid: 

The blender has a 175 watt motor and sharp stainless steel blades.

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, Emerald Green (51133)
Hamilton Beach (51133)

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender with 5 Speeds: 

It has a 700-watt motor that can crush ice in just 45 seconds, and you get it under a hundred dollars.

Smoothie Smart 700-Watt Blender with 40 oz Glass Jar

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL201: 

The blender uses smart technology and has a 500-watt motor; it is almost the same as the one above.

Ninja 16oz Personal Blender, 48oz Countertop Blender, and 40oz Food Processor with 550-Watt Base with Slicing

Ninja Professional Blender BL610: 

It has a powerful 100-watt motor that is the Best Blender For Crushing Ice. The blender is also portable enough to travel with to work and other places. Comes with a price under 100 for the smoothie lovers.

BL610 Professional 1000W Total Crushing Blender
Total Crushing Blender

Ninja Mega Kitchen System, Model BL770: 

This blender can crush the ice within 30 seconds. It operates at 1500 watts and comes under $150.


Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo system NN102: 

The blender has a powerful 1200-watt motor, plus the blender comes with essential accessories, and is just under $100.

Nutri Ninja NN102

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender: 

Operates at 750 watts and has 5-speed controls. The 1-year warranty comes under 200 dollars.

Breville BBL605XL

Hamilton Beach 54618: 

It operates at 500 watts to crush ice into snow. It has a 3 years warranty and is under 30 dollars! 

Hamilton Beach 54618

Nutri Ninja BL770: 

This blender has a massive 1500-watt motor that can crush ice in an instant. It has a 1-year warranty and comes under 200 dollars.

COSORI 1500W Blender: 

It offers 1500-watt motor with 70oz BPA-Free Pitcher & 27oz Bottle,you can use is Blender commercially for Ice & food processing,this amazing blender is under $90 ! What are you waiting for? COSORI 1500W Blender is known as the Best Blender to Crush Ice. This blender is also best selling blender in Amazon.

COSORI 1500W Blender
Powerful 1500W Motor, Commercial-grade 2 HP motor,30,000 RPM

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function 58148A: 

This blender has 12 blending functions that operates at 700 watts. It perfectly crushes ice for frozen drinks and smoothies. The price is under 30 dollars!

Hamilton Beach Electric (58148A)
blender for crushing ice

All of these are fantastic blenders that can crush ice with ease; some of the blenders are also quite cheap if you have a limited budget. If you are confused, you can choose any one among Nutri Ninja BL682, NN102, BL770, since all of these are quite good and are almost the same.

Can you use ice in Nutri Bullet blenders?

Nutri Bullet manufactures excellent blender for making smoothies, but they are not the best blenders for crushing ice since they have low-powered motors. However, their Pro 12 and 13 are good enough blenders to make smoothies using cold milk and soft fruits that are fresh out of the refrigerator. Nutri Bullet will do a perfect job of making smoothies out of soft fruits and vegetables without leaving any chunks at the base.

But if you must use ice with a Nutri Bullet blender, then you need to add ample amount of water with your ingredients to help the blades. Adding small-sized cubes will also help the blender make cold and thick smoothies. 

Can Eating Crushed Ice Ruin Your Teeth?

In the wise words of DJ Khaled, “Water is the key to success in life.

He hit this quote right on the head. Water is the most important substance on planet earth as all life revolves around water (why do you think people love living near bodies of water?). Ice is water in a frozen form that has no nutritional value on its own. However, it is absolutely necessary for your lemonade on a hot summer day or making your favorite adult beverage.

Eating crushed ice is a popular habit but can ice crushing ruin your life (eating the crushed ice, I mean)? Some people chew ice like they do sunflower seeds. One of my buddies would always get a cup of the small cubed ice from QuikTrip every time we went, no soda or juice, just ice. I used to hate the gritty crunching sound he made as he would chew a cup of it.

My friend may have been doing more damage to his mouth/teeth than he realized.

Was this behavior of eating ice really that harmful? Let me explain.

Does it Mean Anything if I like Chewing on Ice?

There is nothing inherently wrong with you if you like crushed ice, but it could mean something else.

For most people, it is a habit they have just developed like chewing your nails or rubbing your hands together. Growing up in the South, a lot of people will just chew ice when it is hot outside, but it could be different in other parts of the country. To some, it is as American as chewing sunflower seeds at the baseball game.

Medically speaking, a deficiency of iron is related to people eating excess ice. An iron deficiency causes anemia (low blood count). There can be many causes of iron deficiency anemia: not eating enough iron-rich foods, blood loss, chronic states of disease, or for women, menstruation. Besides a headache and fatigue, another symptom of iron deficiency is a strange love for ice.

For some, eating ice could be part of a stress-induced habit or an obsessive-compulsive disorder. These are the people that will uncontrollably eat ice out of daily habit or by a certain situation.

There is an eating disorder called Pica. It is part of the compulsive type of disorders where people are compelled to eat foods with no nutritional value. Along with ice, some people find themselves eating pennies, clay, and dirt.

Pica also happens to be a symptom of people with iron deficiency so these two can be seen together.

If you normally do not eat ice but suddenly find yourself going through cups with these signs, go see a doctor to get a checkup.

Are There any Long-Term Consequences to Chewing on Ice?

Yes, all of these consequences will lead to seeing your dentist sooner than planned. Both costly and unpleasant.

  1. Damage to your teeth and gums- We do not have blenders in our mouth, we must take care to ensure we are not eating anything that is too hard or with too sharp edges. The damage caused by eating ice can result in the need for crowns or fillings (neither of which are fun to get). The general rule is that if you have to try and chew something, it is too hard.
  2. Increases cold sensitivity- If the damage accumulates, you can damage the nerves that are under the tooth. Once this happens, you will notice a sharp pain when anything too cold enters your mouth.
  3. Can lead to TMJ- Temporal Mandible Joint Syndrome (TMJ) can be caused by chewing on ice, teeth grinding, or jaw misalignment. Symptoms include jaw clicking and soreness, headaches, and pain. This is usually due to chronic use of the jaw that eventually wears it down.


Eating crushed ice is not worth the future problems it can cause. There are other ways to get your oral fixation that are gentler on your teeth like chewing gum or mints. If you want to eat some ice, let it be crushed properly by best blender for ice like the Nutri Ninja Pro or the Breville Boss Blender. That way the ice is more likely to melt in your mouth rather than you having to crunch down on it. That way ice crushing ruins lives NO MORE!

If you feel like your ice eating habit is new or something that you feel compelled to do, go see your local physician so they can properly address this.

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