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Omega is a trusted brand for kitchen appliances industry throughout the world with existences in over 120 countries with in distribution channels. Quality is the main commitment of Omega. Therefore, we can easily feel that Omega juicers are the quality product. Omega 8008 is versatile, and chrome-heavy duty is masticating juicer. It is a 5th generation juice extractor from Omega Juicers.

What’s interesting about the Omega 8008 Juicer?

Omega’s this model it comes with a powerful commercial grade motor, a durable auger, and a beautiful chrome finish. You will love the following features:

Omega Power:

Powerful 150-watt, two horsepower motor rotates auger at 80 RPM for efficient crushing and juice extraction. The motor allows this juicer to chew through plant fibers and penetrate membranes to extract the optimum taste and highest values of vitamins and minerals from foods such as wheatgrass, carrots, and more.

5th generation Omega juicers:

As this is the 5th generation omega juicer, it came with some up gradation over the previous 8004/8006 models.

Notable changes include:

  • New purpose-built grip lip handle
  • Large produce tray is detachable from the feed tube
  • Minor redesign of pulp and juice containers
  • Juicing screen filters are stainless steel

Nutrition System:

With other versatile issues, Omega calls this as “Nutrition System” when you find out it can be used for:

Baby food

Frozen fruit sorbet desserts

Mincing herbs and garlic

Nut and soy milk

Nut butter

Pasta and breadsticks


So, you can say, this is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance. It has six different nozzles which will allow you to do other food preparation tasks. This versatility keeps this Omega juicer far apart from other similar models.

Juice Quality and Yield

Its exclusive dual-stage juicing system ensures maximum efficiency and processing for maximum juice yields. When juicing with the Omega J8008, you’ll very often have to apply a bit of constant pressure on the produce using the food pusher each time you put something into the feed chute.

Its slow processing speed of 80 RPM prevents oxidation and heat buildup. As a result, your juice will have a much longer shelf life (72 hours) if stored properly. This machine gives you a high quality, low-oxidized juice. It extracts the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, taste, and juice from minimum amounts of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. The adjustable end cap has 5-settings for maximum juice output and extraction. Enjoy continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection.

Build Quality and Design

Omega comes with quality build materials and also drastic design with chrome finish. It is:

  • 6.5 inches in wide (16.5 cm)
  • 15.5 inches in tall (39.4 cm)
  • 14.5 inches in deep (36.9 cm)
  • 20 pounds weight (9 kilograms)

The 8008 well equipped with a stainless steel filter and an Ultem auger which make it stronger and more durable. Parts that come in contact with food are BPA-free plastic. Automatically ejects pulp into a separate container for easy, continuous juicing. It is great for those usually who makes large bunches of healthy drinks in one go.

The quiet in operation makes it useful to make juice without interrupting others.


This model has industry leading 15-year warranty covering parts and performance. Omega also has a good after sales services like experienced customer services teams and other technicians.

What Do Reviews of the Omega 8008 Say?

On Amazon, it is found that it has an impressive 4.2 stars rating (out of 5) where 76% of those who reviewed the product as 5 star score. Only 7% gave it 1 star. In online, the end users of Omega 8008 liked the compact size of the product.

The overall functionality is simple to most of the users are quite satisfactory. They are also satisfied with the strong body of the juicer. Reviewers also claimed that it is one of the best masticating juicers according to them. They also highly recommended this unit to their friends and family for the excellent quality. On the other hand, there is a yield advantage. This product extracts the juice very well. It leaves the pulp much drier than many centrifugal juicers does.

The users found the cleaning procedure is very easy. It is also advisable not to allow the pulp to dry on the machine. All the parts rinse well with the running water. The only part that needs to be brushed down is the screen, which is not the time to consume at all.

This juicer is also challenging because you have to cut the produce up into small pieces to put it in the narrow chute. So, there is a preparation time. But they found that the slow speed causes the juice to be much less foamy.    

Although the price is of this Omega juicer is high, but many reviewers have the feeling that they are glad for their investment.  

The long warranty (15 years), which seems to be the longest in the industry, was also told by many reviewers. The warranty claim and return process were also found very smooth for many of the reviewers.

Omega J8008C Juicer

How Does The Omega 8008 Compare?

Omega manufactured both the juicers. They also look very close to each other. These two machines are very much identical except a few changes. Please find the following compare as found from many reviews and features:

Omega Juicer 8008 vs. 8006

Both juicers are masticating juicers. 8006 is one of the bestsellers on Amazon for masticating juicers. We found that 8008 is the updated model of 8006. The juicing screen and funnel of the 8008 are larger compared to the 8006. As a result, you get a higher yield for your juice.

On the other hand, the 8008 is already BPA-free while in 8006, it’s not. BPA is a major safety measurement for plastics. The motor we found in 8008 model is more powerful (2HP) compared to that of 8006 (1.3HP). 8006 is finished with black and chrome whereas 8008 has finished with chrome. Being manufactured by the same company, the long warranty (15 years) in the application for both the models.

However, as upgraded one, you should go for 8008 when you go for buying juicers. The recent one is always better because it’s newer and has some features that not found in the older one (8006). You will also find that in terms of cost 8008 is a bit higher, but it is also true that you will get more for your money from the Omega 8008.

Where Can I Get Omega 8008 Replacement Parts?

Yes... Replacement of parts is very important for any juicers or other kitchen appliances. But it is a matter of great regret that, the replacement parts of Omega 8008 is not currently available on Amazon. But we also found that they have a lot of parts are available for all the other models in the 8000 series. Sometimes it might be similar, and thus you should try to check that too. However, it is recommendable that you can have a look in e-Bay too for the replacement parts.

What’s The Best Price for the Omega 8008 and Where Can I Buy It?

It is very obvious that you can find the Omega product on their website.  Other than that, the variety of retailers shop around the world and other online vendors like Amazon, where you can get the best price that the price is often reduced at changes regularly to stay competitive. For that, it is always beneficial to check Amazon regularly so you can get the best deals and offers including free shipment and others.

However, please remember that as the Omega 8008 is an expensive juicer, it is your right to have some good features, durability and ultimate satisfaction. You can also go for used and refurbished one which is available also on Amazon. Just keep at mind Amazon prices tend to change quite frequently.

Therefore, by checking here before purchasing, you are sure to get the best price and to make your final buying decision.

Verdict: Is This Juicer For You?

By this time we already know that Omega 8008 is a powerful, well functional quiet and easy-to-use machine. It is also true that you should not have any trouble using it even if you’re a beginner.

It’s also very efficient with leafy greens, kale, wheatgrass, and hard produce; it’ll be an excellent fit for making green juices. You also have to keep in mind that there is a main complaint received from customers is the narrow feeding chute which can be a time-consuming issue. After analyzing all the factors, we can say that getting the Omega 8008 is a great choice in spite of the small chute. It has proven to be a very efficient and dependable juicer.

If we keep aside the major negatives features, which is negligible, with all the features and benefits, we can easily go for this product.

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