Juicing vs Smoothies: Which One is Superior?

What is the Difference between the Two?

Smoothies are made by taking whole fruits, vegetables, and grains and mashing them up in the same container. You can mix strawberries with nuts, Greek yogurt, ice and milk to create a creamy drink. These can be made with any blender or blender bullet appliance.

Juicing is grinding out the juice out of the ingredients. So, you are left with a juice rather than a pulp filled drink. You need a special appliance to do this in most cases.

With juicing more than smoothies, vegetables are a large part of what is juiced.

What is the Hype with Juicing? Is it Realistic to Maintain a Diet Like This?

We live in a world where juice can cost as much a few gallons of gas….


It seems like everyone is juicing and it is has never been more popular. Recently you see celebrities like Emma Stone and Reese Witherspoon endorse juicing diets. New York Yankee favorite Mark Teixeira has recently partnered with a company called Juice Press.

These juicing diets have been advertised from a way to lose weight to a way to cleanse your body of toxins, yeah right.

You may ask, why juicing? Why now are people deciding to liquefy their food? Is it healthy for me?

Looking at it from the doctor perspective, I will say this. I believe smoothies are the better choice for myself and my patients.

Juicing is not bad, I just do not believe it is worth the trouble. The effects of juice are being studied to have heart protective effects and fat lowering potential.

I believe foods should be eaten whole and not juiced. Placing whole ingredients in smoothies is the superior for the fact there is more fiber.

The fiber in food is what keeps us fall during our day and promotes better digestive health. I would not like to miss out on fiber. Already not enough people in America get their daily servings of fiber.

I do not believe for juicing for detox as well. In my opinion, our bodies are much too complex to be detoxified by juice. The definition of detoxify itself is changed based on what the product is trying to accomplish. However, juicing does have many health benefits based upon further research.

Benefits of Juicing

It is estimated by a CDC study is that many Americans are getting better at getting their daily nutrition. Juicing is an excellent way to supplement many of those nutrients like iron, vitamin C, folate, and antioxidants.

It allows you the freedom to bring your juice to work, exercise, or on the go for a snack. It also allows someone to experiment with variety of green leafy vegetables they may not eat. These bitter tasting foods can be neutralized with sweeter fruits or sweeteners like honey.

Juices can help bolster your immune system, promote better energy and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Medically, if a patient has trouble digesting or swallowing solid foods. Juicing is a great way to supplement nutrition.

Disadvantages of Juicing

Juicing foods often leaves out the fiber. A lot of the fiber in vegetables is in the leaves or the stems.

In fruit it is the pulp.

For nuts and seeds it is their husks.

While these are not the best tasting parts, they do have nutritional value. I would make sure you are supplementing your fiber if you are on a juicing diet.

Also juicing diets are not sustainable. It is unreasonable to think one will consume a juice diet as their main source of calories.

Benefits of Smoothies

Smoothies can give you the same nutrients from juicing as well as the added benefits of fiber.

You can include more ingredients in smoothies than juicing. For instance, you can’t really put in nuts, protein powder, yogurt or anything too solid. You can add more super foods including things like omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and coconut oil.

You have a larger more exotic selection of foods to make your smoothie from. In blenders and blender bullets are much cheaper than juicing equipment.

Disadvantages of Smoothies

Smoothies can become a really high source of sugar if not careful. This can turn a relatively calorie friendly option into your worst nightmare. The point of smoothies is to eat healthier.

That extra sugar will turn into fat if it is not used for energy.

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