The 7 Unhealthiest Foods

Would you say your diet is healthy?

C’mon now be honest

I will be the first to say I can do better. Throughout the world and especially here in America we are relying on cheap unhealthy food as mainstays in our diet.

Processed lunch meats, white bread, and fast food are just some of the things that have contributed to the worldwide obesity epidemic. How many times do we see the “Big Boy Burger $5 Bag” being advertised by Wendy’s or Hardy’s?

On the opposite have you ever seen a “Hearty Healthy $5 Salad or Quinoa Bowl” on TV? I will wait for your answer…

Most Foods are Popular Because They Make Companies Alottttttttt of Money

The truth is cheap unhealthy food is much easier to manufacture (notice I did not say grow) and profit of off than healthy food. Big companies like Kraft and Nabisco make products that are heavily processed.

What do I mean by processed? It means that they are putting unnatural chemicals like nitrites or preservatives that make the shelf life of the food much longer than say a pack of berries with a shelf life of maybe a week or two.

With longer shelf lives their products can stay on the shelves of your local gas station or grocery store much longer.

This is incredibly profitable for business, who wants to buy fresh food every week when you can buy a huge supply of Doritos or Lunchables that can last for nearly a month?

On the other hand, healthy food like fruits, vegetables, and non-processed meats have a limited shelf life and take much more time and resources (land, food, farming equipment) than say a chip. However, there is not much of a price difference.

A bag of Lays will cost what, $2-$4 while a bag of apples is roughly the same cost. The big difference is that a bag of chips can stay on the shelves for months while apples only over a week.

Those apples will have much for vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants than a bag of Doritos.

Here in America corporate profit is God and cheap unhealthy food is Gospel. We are being preached across the country that cheap unhealthy food should be the normal way people eat.

I am here to tell you as a prophet of healthy lifestyles that this is wrong!

Do not believe the hype you see on television and radio. Just because something is popular does not mean it is good. You must learn to seek out the food options that are truly healthy by going to your local farmer markets or grocery stores. No one is going to advertise the benefits of sunflower seeds or zucchini but they are some very healthy options nonetheless.

 If no one will do it, I will!

Remember, being healthy is not easy nor exciting, it is making good but boring choices on a daily basis. That includes getting some exercise even though you have just worked 10 hours or resisting the urge to get that burger and fries that smells good at the cafeteria.

I am going to list some of the unhealthiest foods advertised and then list some alternatives that are both cheap if not the same price and healthier.

Lets know the 7 Unhealthiest Food

1. Most Fast Food Chains

Most Fast Food Chains

This is a no-brainer. Burgers are not healthy, pizza is not healthy, fried chicken is not healthy, and whatever the hell they put into Taco-Bell is not healthy.

Fast food chains are the epitome of what is wrong with the American diet. A lot of good tasting unhealthy calories for a cheap price.
They advertise to people like they are doing them a favor by saving them money on whatever value meal of the month they have.

That will end up costing you in the future in terms of contracting diseases like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes type 2. Just spend the extra 3 dollars on something more nutritious

What You Should Do??: Is go alternative fast food places that give you variety in your meal. Chipotle, Zoe’s Kitchen, California Chicken Café, and even PDQ allow people to make healthy bowls/salads using wholesome rather than processed ingredients.

2. Chips & Fries

Chips & Fries

Fried potatoes are not good for you. Compared to other yams like sweet potatoes, white potatoes are composed of a lot of simple sugar with not much to offer in nutrients or fiber.

Add on top you are now frying the potato makes it very unhealthy.

Do not get into the habit of just mindlessly snacking on chips.

What You Should Do?: The healthiest alternative to chips would be to make your own fresh kale chips.

All you need to do is get some freshly washed kale and mix it with salt, pepper, parmesan and olive oil. Put in the oven for 3-5 mins at 300F and enjoy!

I would also recommend trail mixes without too much-dried fruits and a handful of flavored sunflower seeds or nuts.

3. Cakes, Cookies, and Candies

Cakes, Cookies, and Candies

If it comes out a wrapper or some sort of container, it is not good for you.

These sweets are just empty calories that offer nothing in terms of nutrition. They are made of refined sugar and saturated fats. Once in a while, it is okay to have a little treat.

But please, do you not base your diet of what mainly is sold in gas stations.

What You Should Do?: For a sweet snack, berries and tropical fruits like mango, kiwi, and papaya are very tasty.

Also, they are richer in fiber and vitamins like C and A. Another reason I like fruit is that they are lighter to eat, you just feel slower after eating a piece of cake or candy bar, you know what I mean?

4. Processed Meats

Processed Meats

Non processed meats ( animals raised in organic or non-GMO fashion} are very healthy and nutritious. Now animals that are raised on large industrial farms and then are packaged through a meat plant, not so much.

A list of processed meat includes deli meat, canned meat, ham, pork, poultry, smoked meats, and cured meats. In those meat packaging plants, the meat has nitrites and other possibly carcinogenic compounds added.

This makes it last longer on the shelves of stores but overall unhealthier.

What You Should Do?: Go for the organic meats. It will be an extra cost but it is worth it!
Healthy options include fish, chicken, lean cuts of red meat, and even beans offer a great amount of protein!

5. Low Carb or Fat Alternatives

Low Crab or Fat Alternatives

Low carb or low fat does not mean healthy. Chances are that these foods offer no additional nutrition and are just more of the same empty calories.

For instance, foods that are low in fat may compensate for the flavor they are losing by adding additional sugar. The same is true for low carb foods that add additional fats.

Avoid those tempting commercials and advertisements which these alternatives seem healthy.

What You Should Do:
Eat foods that are naturally low in fat or carbs. To do that avoid these processed foods and get a wholesome vegetable, fruit, nuts, or dairy products.

6. Most Yogurts

Most Yogurts

Dannon and Yoplait are popular brands however most of their products are not the best.

Most yogurts go through a process called pasteurization which kills a lot of the bacteria in it. Yes, it is necessary to make sure it safe for consumption.

But in most cases, it kills beneficial probiotics important for gut health and removes a lot of the fat. To replace the fat additional sugar is packed into the product to make it taste better.

So make sure you check the sugar on the nutritional facts.

What You Should Do: Make sure the yogurt you buy is not high in sugar. Most plain Greek yogurts are excellent as they have natural probiotics and less sugar. You can always fresh fruits or nuts to add some flavor.

7. Sugary Drinks

Sugary Drinks

The beverage industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Pepsi and Coca Cola are global powerhouses and have marketing campaigns use globally recognized figures such as Kendall Jenner, Cardi B, and Lebron James.

Essentially they have made billions selling sugar water by using great advertising not be being healthy.

The sugar and empty calories in these drinks can be overwhelming at times and should be avoided.

This includes sports drinks, sodas, sweet teas, milkshakes, and flavored milk. They are not good for you.

This is the first thing I recommend people do if trying to lose weight. There are 3500 calories in a pound. If you cut 2-3 of these sugary drinks out your diet you can cut 500 calories a day.

What if you replace those drinks with calorie-free water?

If you do that every day of the week, you can lose a pound a week!!!

What You Should Do: Lower sugar options healthy drinks like cold teas and coffees are popular. The best option is to stick to water. With our bodies being made up over 60% water, keeping proper hydration is key. 

-This article is for information purposes only. No funds have been taken to advertise any of the products on the list. Always confirm what you have seen on this site with your doctor if you have any questions. 
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