Juicing and Other Healthy Habits : How to Give your Body the Vitality and Energy


Everyone wakes up at their 100% best self, right? If you do I have to learn your secrets. At times I feel like I am only starting around 50% or even 40% with my battery needed to be charged throughout the day. Hahaha sounds like one of the IPhone 6 models (you know what I am talking about).

Anyways, not having the energy to exercise, or interact with everyone you want to, or even just to wake up on time just makes you feel badly.

Why do you not have as much energy as you should? What is the problem, is it your diet, sleep or something else?

The truth is that a lot of factors play a critical role in how much energy you have to spend during the day and I will be explaining each one of them.

I will then explain the tools we have at our disposal to combat the things that make us tired and exhausted. The best part, all of my suggestions are natural remedies. No BS products or magic energy pills for 3 easy installations of $44.95.

What is Energy & Vitality?

How do you measure how much energy you have? It seems like is one of those things that you either have it or you don’t. It is just an overall feeling of positivity and excitement to tackle your day. If you don’t have it, you can just be a Frumpy Mcfrumperton who does not want to do anything or talk to anyone.

When I have no energy I just want to watch YouTube videos and lay in bed.

So what do you do to fix this? Drink a coffee or five hour energy? Do you go back to bed wasting more of your precious time throughout the day? The problem is that these are temporary fixes to a problem with deeper roots. You not having the right habits for energy and vitality can seriously impact your quality of life.

Not having enough energy at the end of the day makes you a less productive human being! Especially here in the good old’ USA, where productivity is everything.

So what are you doing that you are not getting enough energy? First let’s look at how our bodies function.

Biological Basis for Energy

The human body is one of the greatest machines EVER invented. We have thumbs that allow us to grip and throw things, we use two legs that allow us to have amazing balance, and we have the most developed brain of any animal that has ever lived. Our biological machines are not perfect though. Just like any type of luxury car or fancy boat, it can break down and have its performance suffer.

So what do you do, take it to get a tune up or repair? Yes, but for our bodies it is different we must take a look at what we are doing to our bodies in regard to: Diet, Sleep, Exercise & Daily Habits. 


Fats- omega 3 & 6 oils from fatty fish, nuts, and flax seeds

  • Omega oils are great for not only energy but also for protecting your heart from disease. These fats also help in reducing your bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing the good (HDL).

Complex Carbs from oats, chia seeds, quinoa, and whole grain bread/pasta

  • Fiber makes carbohydrates complex and better for digestive health. It allows for slower absorption of sugar in your blood preventing fast rises and crashes in your daily energy. Also they promote the growth of good bacteria flora in your gut and help with regular bowel movements.

Vitamins/Minerals from fruits & vegetables

  • The main vitamins for energy are C, E, B12, and B9. The best minerals for energy are iron, zinc, and manganese. If you have a wide variety of fruits and veggies in your diet, your energy will go through the roof.

The human body needs can vary from person to person. However we all need a diet of complex carbohydrates, lean protein sources, and good sources of fats.

We need to be eating like our human ancestors who had lived thousands of years before us during the Paleolithic Age where we did not have any of the processed crap we do now.

Since the 1950’s, there has been an explosion of both diabetes and heart disease around the world that we have never seen before. The cause? We have been manufacturing fatty foods and refined sugary snacks like never before.

Why are they cheap? Because they are stuffed with preservatives and refined sugars to make it last longer on the shelf. Stuff that lasts longer on the shelves allows the producers to make more money of them. It makes sense right? You can make more money from Sour Patch Kids that can sit on a shelf for 3 months compared to a bushel of apples that can only sit for maybe 2 weeks.

There is cheaper crap around that is simply not good for your body. The worst part is that it is advertised to no end. How many times have you seen the same add for the $5 dollar KFC heart attack box but never for an acai bowl of healthy fruits, nuts, and veggies?

How do you feel after you eat a box of fried food= sleepy & tired.

After you eat a fruit bowl= light & energized.

We must bypass these corporate lies of what we should be eating and TAKE CONTROL of our diet/nutrition. The more we eat that crap we eat the worse we feel!

In order to get that energy back, you’re going to have to take some initiative and stop eating what everyone else is. Make better choices by having your kitchen stocked with fruits, vegetables, lean sources of meats, and plenty of complex carbs to keep you full and give you proper energy.


  • Get 6-8 hours of sleep every night
  • NO alcohol, drugs, or smoking 3 hours before bedtime
  • Do not be on your phone, tablet, or other electronic device going to bed

There is plenty of time to sleep when you are dead right? That’s not sleep, that’s death. Do not buy into that please people.

When we sleep, our body is hitting the reset button like with a video game. During sleep all of our organs (except for our heart & brain) can work less and our hormones levels go back to normal. Ever notice without enough sleep you are jittery, well that is because your stress hormones like norepinephrine and cortisol are high.

For energy we must have quality sleep for our bodies to function properly.


  • We need either 150 mins of moderate exercise (walking, stairs) or 75 mins of vigorous exercise (running, aerobics) every week

Everyone should have a part time job in being able to exercise and keep their bodies in shape. 

It is hard to find the energy to exercise, I am not going to lie. Most people have to wake up, get the kids up, go to work for 7-9 hours, pick up the kids, get food, handle home responsibilities, and then find some time to exercise. That is a tough order for anyone.

At first it is not fun to do it, you may be out of breath or sore when you’re done. Making it harder to do the rest of responsibilities or obligations, plus you now have to shower.

However exercise is one of the best things for your biological machine out there. Once you exercise consistently, it gets easier each and every time to do it!

Your muscles get a little stronger every day, your heart handles the strain better, and your lungs function better to oxygenate your entire body.

More importantly you will just not hate it as much hahaha.

Daily Habits

Stop Smoking
  • Smoking is one of the best things to stop doing that will improve your health right away.
  • Stopping after the first day allows your blood pressure to return to normal.
  • After weeks, you get your sense of smell and taste back.
  • After months you will see your exercise performance increase.
  • After years you reduce your chances of developing lung cancer.
Get Enough Sunlight
  • Sunlight provides our body with vitamin D. This vitamin both provides us with energy and helps with absorption of calcium into our bodies. People who do not get enough sunlight are more likely to have seasonal depression like those who live in the northern parts of the country.

Dr. Bram’s Simple Tips to Have More Energy

1. Make Your Meals at Home

At home you can control what you put into your body. For me I love making smoothies and juices at home before I head off to work.

They are simple, full of vitamins and nutrients, and only take 5 minutes of my time. Check out my smoothie and juicing recipes like The Best Masticating Juicers on my blog healthdy.com. I love using the Omega Juicer J8006 for juices and my Nutri-bullet for smoothies.

Another thing I do is to make a mixture of wholesome ingredients to punt into a little container to bring to work to snack on. Here is my latest recipe:

Spring Time Berry Trail Mix

  • 1 cup of sunflower seeds- Omega 3 oils & Protein
  • ½ cup of chopped blackberries- Vitamins C
  • ½ cup of chopped blueberries- Vitamins C
  • 2 tablespoons of blue cheese- Protein & Calcium

2. Choose the Place Where Everyone Goes to Eat

How many times have you been in a group of more than 2 people and no one knows what they want to eat? I feel like this happens 97% of the time.

TAKE CHARGE, tell everyone where they are going so you can make the healthiest choice for the group.

We are not going to Big Belly Bob’s BBQ, instead tell them we are going to Healthy Heather’s Salad Bar with sandwich options.

3. Get a Good Sweat Going After Work Instead of a Drink

Do not feel inclined to drink alcohol after your work day. Ya, it is definitely fun and easy but will it give you energy? No, it will make going to sleep and behind productive that much harder.

Be the leader of the group and recommend a fun free class to go to. If you look on your local sites like Groupon or Facebook you can find fun free fitness events to go to.

4. Stop Smoking

Again a no brainer. Smoking makes your body work harder to function. It tightens your blood vessels, interferes with your sleep, and makes you lose your appetite.

5. Find Any Excuse to Move Around at Work

Most jobs are fairly sedentary in that you have to sit down to do most of your work. I know however there are chances to move around to break free of the jail that is your desk.

Volunteer to walk and give a message to the other sales team.
Climb up the stairs to go to that meeting instead of taking the elevator.
Offer to carry the jugs of water needed to replace the water cooler.

Do not let the only exercise you get is moving your arms to put food into your mouth.

Best drinks for sexual stamina: Top 5 drinks will boost your sexual stamina?

Sexual power is essential for the life of human being. With time our body experiences different changes and same goes for the sexual stamina. You may suffer low libido or erectile dysfunction. For women, one of the main changes observed is vaginal dryness. But this is not the end of the story. If you can lead truly healthy life styles, we can obviously retain our sexual stamina throughout your life. Here proper exercises and healthy foods can help you to move on. Along with the other diet, the following drinks can be very promising to boost your sexual stamina:

Aloe vera juice

According to some research, aloe vera juice can build the generation of testosterone, which is the essential male sex hormone. In late investigations, it is found that the juice has numerous possibilities. Drinking aloe vera juice can result in expanded sexual vitality and high libido. Aloe vera juice is likewise solid and advantageous for wellbeing in general.

Pomegranate juice

In the pomegranate juice, we found a high level of antioxidants. It improves erectile dysfunction effectively. A study says, it has discovered pomegranate juice can able to increase the blood flow in the body. Pomegranate juice can likewise bring down the danger of heart ailments. You can utilize masticating juicer to make this juice effectively.


You should gulp a glass of milk before your love drive. Milk is required to encourage you to have a sound sexual drive. For the same reason, a glass of milk is traditionally offered to the newly couple at the wedding night. Milk is full of such nutrients such as lactose, which offers instant energy to push your stamina up and also retain it.


Sexual vitality and libido get improved by banana with its rich enzyme known as Bromelain. Other vitamins and nutrients are full in banana. Therefore, to everyone, it is very much suitable to drink as a banana shake. The nutrients and supplements are required to help stamina and vitality. Banana milkshake tastes sweet and a lot of delightful.

Watermelon juice:

Riched in an amino acid called L-citrulline, watermelons can heavily fortify your erection. The L-citrulline present in the watermelon is changed over to L-arginine in your body, and this compound invigorates nitric oxide generation, which improves the stream of blood to the penis. It will assist you with having a superior erection.

Juicing: Is It Actually Healthy?

How to Make use of Juicing with the Omega J8006

Get either a smoothie or juicer machine now, this is the one option that works best for me. After I drink one in the morning, my body feels like a fine tuned Ferrari.

The Omega J8006 is the best juicer on the market and has helped me juice my way to better energy. It is a masticating juicer that grinds its ingredients slowly and carefully to get all of the nutrients out of it. One can put everything from berries to leafy greens to nuts into this juicer. Making the juice is just as easy as cleaning it up.

I do have a more extensive list of juicers on my blog healthdy.com in the article The Best Juicers of 2018.

I highly recommend that you try this out if you are willing to pay the price.


Watch your diet, get some sleep, exercise, and getting some sun can help your energy. It is not going to happen overnight however I believe that daily small changes will add up to make a large difference.


Christian Bramwell

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Christian Bramwell, MD uses his own weight loss story as teaching for people struggling with their own weight through blogging, teaching, and writing. His mission in life is to promote health and education, that is why he has chosen to be a family physician and found his own nonprofit Project RAK based on education and empowerment.

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