Top 3 Best and Worst Celebrity Diets!

Remember, the point of a diet is to make a healthy and sustainable lifestyle change!It is okay to use short-term goals like fitting into a wedding dress or to comfortably take off your shirt off for the next beachouting like a star would use to be a lifeguard in the next Baywatch movie.However, a real diet will help you stay sexy once after the occasion is over.

Now musicians, actors, and actresses are very weird people, hard-working but weird. I mean they have to maintain a certain body image as part of their job requiring some extreme diets/exercise regiment.

You have to be a certain type of person to be able to portray a character or persona that is not you in real life and to do it so well you must have a certaineccentricity about you.

I have heard stories of these people living in isolation for a role as a serial killer or becoming alcoholics to portray a burned out cop. From my perspective that is wild. Not only that, these people must be able to suck up to the demands of others all the time when it comes to networking with talent agencies for roles or gigs, making EVERYONE like you, and following strict image guidelines or suffering hell. But for millions of dollars, I guess it could be worse….

If you are reading this, chances you are not Hugh Jackman, Jay-Z, or Gabrielle Union (if you are Hello!!!). You are the regular person looking for diet tips from the good-looking people in the world of Hollywood to see how they stay fit. I can help you navigate this landscape oftumultuously trending diets.

As a doctor, it is my job to analyze and tell my clients the best nutrition plans that fit their goals and lifestyles. However, I will not go to any extreme celebrity diets.

No diets where you eat baked chicken and veggies while working out 3 hours a day like Gerald Butler in 300.

No diets where you eat a can of tuna and some carrot sticks for your meals like Anne Hathaway in Les Misérables.

No diets consisting of a heavy number of cigarettes like Mila Kunis in Black Swan or cocaine and sparkling water like Paris Hilton (not for a role, it just seems like that is what she does)

So, which of these Hollywood celebrity diets are real and which ones belong on the front cover of supermarket tabloid?

3 Best Celebrity Diets

1. The TB 12 Method

Celebrities that follow this diet: Tom Brady, Gisele BÜndchen

This diet is the hallmark of 6 time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. His diet is based on 3 principles that focus on using nutrition to add vitality and energy to anyone’s daily life.

First, hydrate oneself with water (up to 12-20 glasses per day) while avoiding sugary drinks and alcohol.

Second, load up on plant-based foods like veggies and wholesome sources of fiber (legumes, beans) with every meal. Vegetables are low in calories, rich in fiber, and anti-inflammatory foods. Brady loads up on them because less inflammation in his body means a longer playing career. On the other end, he avoids foods like white bread and French fries which are pro-inflammatory foods.

Third, he eats fruits by themselves. He believes fruits are digested quicker (which they are) and should be eaten by themselves. However, he always combines vegetables with proteins as the fiber in veggies helps with digestion of more complex proteins.

2. The Keto Diet

Celebrity followers: Tim Tebow, Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian

The regular keto diet consists of consuming a diet of 60% fats, 20% protein, and 20% carbohydrates.

The other version is the cyclical keto diet where you have 5 days high keto foods and then 2 days of high carb foods. Keto foods are usually high in protein/fat while low in carbs.

he idea is that our body will use carbohydrate sources of energy (fruits, juice, potatoes, chips) faster than fats and proteins. So the basis of the diet is that if we use proteins and fats as our main source of fuel, then our body is put into a state of ketosis where we use fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.

The best health benefit for patients I have seen is that it can give greater control for their diabetes.

For the celebrities, many have claimed it has helped them slim down like Halle Berry and Kourtney Kardashian.

3. 5 Factor Diet

Celebrity Followers: Rihanna

This simple diet is based on eating 5 meals per day. In all of those meals, it must include one of the 5 essential ingredients with one cheat day per week.

  • Low-moderate glycemic carbs: Vegetables, beans, oats, whole grain rice, and lentils. Check out here to see which foods are low in the glycemic index.
  • Healthy fats: Olive oil, sunflower seeds or Fish oils. Avoid saturated fats like butter or lard
  • Low-fat protein: Eggs, nuts, fish, and chicken
  • Fiber-rich foods: Whole wheat bread and grains, lentils, quinoa, vegetables (not white potatoes), and fiber-rich fruits (bananas, apples)
  • Avoiding sugary drinks: Water should be the main drink consumed.

3 Worst Celebrity Diets

1. The Baby Food Diet
Celebrity Followers: Tracy Anderson, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston.
This diet is exactly what it sounds like. If you are willing to give up the idea of chewing food or eating like an adult, I have the diet for you!
This diet is comical, how are you going to get enough fiber, protein, or fats eating baby food?

Babies are not fully grown men and women, they have different nutritional requirements,and it is reflected in the baby food. There are not enough calories to keep you full and not enough taste to keep me interested. Watch the next trend be the “bottle diet.”

2. The Cookie Diet
Celebrity Followers: Snooki.
Dr. Siegal created this diet based on cookies made with a certain combination of amino acids to control hunger and help with weight loss. All you eat is these cookies,and you lose weight….
Too good to be true? What do you think and be honest!

All you eat is cookies, really? If you have a desire for vegetables, stop that! Eat a cookie.
If you want to have a handful of nuts, you better put them down and grab a handful of cookies.

This diet is completely unsustainable, who the hell is willing/able to eat only these terrible tasting cookies? Yeah the calories are low in calories,and they have all your daily nutrients, but why would you have a diet based on putting more money in Dr. Siegel’s pockets by buying a ton of his special cookies?

3.The Dukan Diet

Celebrity Followers: Kate Middleton
The diet has 4 phases:
Attack, eat all the lean protein you can handle with water and oat bran for a week.
Cruise, eating unlimited non-starchy vegetables with oat bran for 2 days.
Consolidation, vegetables every day, plus one piece of fruit, 2 slices of whole-grain bread, and 1 serving of hard cheese for a few weeks.
Stabilization, return to a regular diet with one day of all-protein.

Early in the diet, I find it almost impossible to eat NOTHING but protein. I feel sorry for your poor intestines which will struggle to pass the protein with no fiber.

This diet is way too complicated!It is like the neurosurgery of diets. If you have a personal trainer or chef to have your diet planned out for you, fine. However, us regular folks do not have a royal kitchen to help us with this diet.

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