Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer Review

The habit of drinking fresh juice brings a significant change in my lifestyle. My whole day is now encircled by juicing. It comes to be a regular practice for me to buy basket full organic vegetables and fruits every week and prepare juice twice even thrice a day. I love every drop of juice makes by my hand at home. I could not eat veggies because of fibers, difficult to digest for me. Making delicious juices solve my problem. I could collect all the necessary nutrients and minerals from fruits and vegetables without taking fiber. Now, I become stronger than earlier. I lost too much weight without any exercise or medication. My skin looks great; overall, I feel younger than previous.

The above story becomes true as because of the Hurom HU 100, pioneer of vertical slow juicer serving its customer since 1974. For those whose are looking for a quality masticating juicer in economy range, Hurom HU 100 is worthy for them. This first model juicer Hurom is providing quality juices year after years to thousands with reliability and professionalism. I’m using Hurom for many years after testing some other models it suits me very well. It is not as high quality as like Super Angle or Omega, but in its range, it is one of the best vertical slow juicers I’ve seen.

Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer - White

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What Is Interesting about the Hurom HU 100 Juicer?

Hurom, continuously devising new ideas for i) how to minimize nutrition loss occurred due to exposing of heat or oxidation during juicing, ii) how to preserve the freshness of ingredients, and iii) discover the rich flavors of nature among its customer. The Slow Squeeze Technology (SST) is the results of that effort of DongAh Ind Co., Ltd.

Hurom slow squeeze technology is an advanced version of squeezing technology. It applies high pressure along with optimum rational speed to provide the best output from vegetables or fruits. Top of that it is convenient to use and easy to clean as because of the technology which makes it a high-quality juicer.

The science behind the nutrients preservation is latent in the design of Auger. How much nutrition you can preserve depends on the speed of auger and length. High speed and extra long chute both are responsible for oxidation. Keep that in mind, Hurom HU 100 design to works at 80 RPMs by using only 150 watts power. It can process a variety of raw fruits, vegetables, leafy greens like spinach, wheatgrass, kale, lettuce and hard foods like nuts, soybeans to create delicious juices, milk, sauces, marinades and baby foods quickly and effortlessly. The auger made of durable food-grade polyetherimide (PEI) plastic, which ideal for the high-pressure condition. The design of auger made such a way that it minimizes oxidation and maximize the nutrient content 4x than others juicer.

The fineness of the strainer is liable to create differences in the performance of a juicer. Producing soft velvety textured fluids from any veggies or fruits depends on how active the strainer is. Hurom juicer fabricated with 0.3 mm mesh grid which effectively filters nearly all fibers from the foods. The GE strainer of Hurom made of Ultem (8x harder than regular plastic) and the meshes with high-strength stainless steel which allows it to endure the high pressures created during the operation inside the chamber.

The spinning brush helps you to mix the colors of nature. Hurom juicer comes with a useful spinning brush which thoroughly blends all the ingredients and colors of the different fruits and vegetables and makes the texture of juice uniform, nice looking and enhancing its natural flavor and aroma. Beside this, it also assists to keep clean the outer part of the strainer during operation.

The vertical slim looking Hurom create confusion between centrifugal and cold press juicer. The beautiful white finishing Hurom is comfortable to operate and clean. To change over from one fruit to another you pour some fresh water and run the device for a few minutes; it will automatically clean up. For completely clean after use – remove the top part and disassemble it, then clean with soapy water. Do not use the dishwasher to clean it.   

The cutting-edge AC motor is allowing you low noise and vibration during juicing. So, you can prepare your morning juice without bothering your neighbors. Furthermore, it known for its durability and long life features too.

Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer - Silver

Some more features of this great device - 

  • Squeeze out 35% more juices than any centrifugal or high-speed juice extractors
  • Self-feeding vertical design allows auto pull down of sliced foods for squeezing
  • Slow Squeezing Technology aids to retain heat-sensitive nutrients like Vitamins A and C, and live enzymes.
  • The air vent efficiently release the heats produce during juice extraction to keep the motor cool
  • Two-stage safety sensor allows you to turn on the machine only after properly attache body and chamber
  • The ergonomically designed handle allows you to move it easily for pouring the last drop of juice
  • Simple three button operation – ON, OFF and REVERSE (you can unclog the juicer by pressing the reverse button in case of jamming)
  • The plastics are BPA free

Specification of the Hurom HU 100 model

Specification of the Hurom HU 100 model

Chamber Capacity

350 ml


250 Width, 173 Long and 405 High (mm)


6.2 kg/ 13 pounds


80 rpm


A/C, 120Ø

Power consumption 



Hopper – ABS

Chamber – PC or Tritan

Squeezing Screw – PEI (Ultem)

Body – ABS

Strainer – PC or EMS or PEI, STS 304

Warranty offered by Hurom HU 100

  • 10-year warranty             - motor only
  • 1-year warranty                - other parts such as a strainer, screen, auger.

Hurom HU 100 model comes with the following parts and accessories

  1. 1x Hopper
  2. 1x Squeezing Screw
  3. 1x Bowl with pulp and juice outlet
  4. 1x spinning brush
  5. 1x base w/ handle
  6. 1x Strainer
  7. 1x Juice Container
  8. 1x Pulp Container
  9. 1x Tofu Press
  10. 1x Pusher
  11. 1x Cleaning Brushes
  12. 1x Recipe book
  13. 1x Instruction Manual

Is the Hurom HU 100 a masticating juicer?

A juicer which runs roughly at 80 to 100 RPMs and precisely chews up all the fibers from any foods like vegetables, fruits, soy, nuts without destroying nutritional values are known as a masticating juicer. Firstly, it is crushing the produce and then squeezing to extract pulp and juice. Hurom HU 100 working principle is precisely the same as said. So, undoubtedly we can declare Hurom HU series as a masticating juicer.

By Hurom you can extract fresh juices from dry foods like kale, spinach, wheatgrass as like others masticating juicer. It will intake all the necessary enzymes and vitamins in the produced fluid, as it not generate any heat during extracting. So, if you are looking for a masticating juicer, you can choose the Hurom Basic series as your daily companion.  

What do reviews of the HU 100 say?

Over the past 40 years, Hurom has been lasting in the juicer market with dignity. During this long tenure, they always try to listen to its valuable customer and bring improvement on devices. Its create a big list of the satisfied customer profile. Here we briefly discuss some of those from Amazon reviews.

What People Like

One nicely stated customer review written by RMG, is quoted here to give a flavor why people love Hurom.

It is time that I started to juice! We are all aware about the wonderful benefits of live, fresh vegetable and fruit juices and I want to avail for myself and my husband these healthful micro and macronutrients. I was ready to spend some money, but nothing outrageous. The Hurom HU-100 meets these requirements perfectly. Firstly, efficiency is important to me. I buy organic produce whenever possible. Therefore I want a juicer that extracts most of the juice, leaving a relatively dry pulp. The pulp from the Hurom is dry. One can always run the pulp through the juicer a second time to extract more juice, but most of the time it is not necessary with the Hurom. The machine is well made and quiet. I own a Blendtec blender and so am used to quite a racket, but the Hurom is whisper quiet. (The Blendtec is a wonderful blender, by the way). The juice is delicious; fresh, not oxidized, and it stores well in the refrigerator for a couple of days. I store it in a mason jar with a BPA free lid. I did much research and at this price point considered other juicers, but decided on the Hurom and am exceedingly pleased with my choice. My creativity is in overdrive, juicing interesting and nutritious combinations of fruits, vegetables, and spices. The Hurom, of course, handles fruit very well, but also vegetables, such as kale and broccoli (including stems), parsley, swiss chard, celery, ginger, and an endless assortment of fresh leafy greens and herbs. No need to worry, the Hurom is a good choice.”

In my opinion, it’s a complete statement about Hurom, nothing else needs to describe after reading this review.

We got a bunch of reviews from different customers those whose are very much satisfied with the customer service of Hurom. Here we share one of them as an example, was written by Shopaholic.

First, I ordered a juicer from another company and was not impressed with it. It was louder and had a completely different way to juice my fruits and veggies.

While researching more juicers online, I fell in love with the music from the Hurom Juicer online commercial from a group called Harvard called 'Clean & Dirty.' I ordered the juicer and WAS VERY VERY PLEASED! I use my juicer almost every day, plus it is quiet! What's more is that I sent an email to their customer service and asked about the music on their commercial. I thought they would disregard or ignore my question, but they sent an answer within a day or two! Now THAT is customer service! I appreciated not only their customer service but their product as well so much so that I bought one for my twin sister! LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! Moreover, the white color is clean and crisp!

One of the vital features of a juicer is ‘how easy it is to operate and clean?’ Hurom said in its promotion that it is easy to use and clean up. Many customer support this view. I’ve shared one review related to that as below written by By Katie

A friend of mine bought the Hurom Hu-100 from Amazon and said it was fantastic. She was a bit dramatic in her descriptive love for it, and I attributed it to her "Juice Fast" high. I bought it several weeks ago, and I too adore it. Its very easy to use (one of my main concerns) so easy to clean (down to 3 min. with everything dry.) I haven't done a juice fast per se, but I lost 4.5 lbs by simply having a healthy juice for breakfast. The extra few minutes it takes to cut my fruit and veggies down is not a big deal knowing that this will help with the overall lifespan of my new juicer. I HIGHLY recommend this product.”

There are more positive comments like these if you want to know more than you can go through in Amazon customer review part. However, we try to summarize those views in the ‘PROS’ section of this article.

What People Don’t Like

“DO NOT MAKE ALMOND MILK WITH THIS UNIT” commented by C. Taylor. The reason behind such comment is to break down 2 of the baskets during preparing almond milk. She purchased this device, to begin preparing fresh liquids from different vegetables, fruits, and nuts with it, after researching many other juicers, this one was shown on the internet to be able to make almond milk. She said, she was lucky that the baskets were under coverage of warranty, as the company replaces it currently, but once the year is ending, and still the baskets broke, they will be costly to repair. It will cost about $85 for a basket.

We get a small number of negative feedbacks from different customers. I believe those are not deal breaking. For the convenience of readers, some of those are described here in brief.

Someone comments that ‘when she started to juicing leafy greens like kale or spinach, she found the strainer clogged and it does not drain out the pulps properly.’ In case of juicing leafy greens, Hurom recommended to cut them in small pieces and if it is dry green like wheatgrass use of some edible oil in auger may give a good result. Also, the machine has a reverse button to remove jamming.

Someone complains about the leaking at the base of the bowl. ‘When removing all the parts to clean, the little arms that grab onto the bottom of the bowl to "lock" it into a place covered in a pool of green juice. It was not a solid piece in that area; the little arms have seams connecting them from under the overall plastic base, so fluid was getting down into the machine.’ However, we suspect that this happened some early models of Hurom, which rectified in new models.

Though many users express their opinion that it is easy to clean, some are complaining that clean-up is difficult with this machine. Quite a bit harder in fact. They cannot clean the screen quickly as they think. You can run water through the juicer, but it will not be advantageous as there is no stop valve at the juicer outlet. To clean it thoroughly you have to dismantle all parts. Read instruction manual to know more about on it.

From the above opinions, we may conclude as follows about the Hurom HU 100 model juicer.


Low noise, Low vibration AC motor

350-millimeter chamber capacity

It can make juice like anything

The auto pulp ejection system allows continuous operation


Crack resistant Ultem Strainer and screen

lightweight in its class (only 13.2 pounds)

Convenient Handle

Consume less energy

Automatic clean up system

Highly compact design - space efficient

Stronger long lasting product

A large number of satisfied customer


High price (but still affordable)

Inefficient in many fibrous and leafy green

Cleaning is a little tricky as it requires to dismantle all the parts

Not dishwasher safe

Need to cut the food in small pieces before juicing

Sometimes create jam when overloaded with the produce

How Does The Hurom HU 100 Compare?

Hurom sovereign the juicer market over the past 40 years. During this tenure, it develops many kinds of juicers. However, it rarely changes its model name, instead merely adding or subtracting one or two letter with original models like HU-100 SB. It categories its products under six different series like EASY, BASIC, CLASSIC, PREMIUM, SPECIAL EDITION and PROFESSIONAL. Hurom HU 100 belongs from BASIC Series. However, all the models are very close in specification and features, so it could easily confuse you. That’s why here we compare some models with Hurom HU100 for your convenience.

Hurom HU 100 vs. HU 200

Hurom 200 is an identical twin of HU 100 but designed for sale in the European Market. It’s also available in the name of ‘Juiceproducer KT100.’ There are no differences except color; HU 200 is a lighter color than the HU 100 model.

Hurom HU 300 vs. HU 100

As like Hurom HU-200 sales in the EU, HU 300 made for sale in the Australian market and its win the Australian International Award in 2011. It is famous for its simple design and affordable price. However, HU 300 is almost similar with HU 100, except little extra power. Hurom 300 can extract 50% more juice than a centrifugal juicer. The Hurom HU 300 now officially known as an SJ 200 B too.      

Hurom HU 100 vs. HU 600

Hurom HU 600 is an advance premium quality model first released in Europe in 2013. The HU-600 is an upgraded version of HU-100 with some additional features. Notably, the stainless steel finished body of the HU-600 makes it different from the other Hurom juicers. Instead of white HU-100, stainless steel polish gives a lustrous finish with a solid, durable feel than any other plastic juicers. Alternatively, the Hurom HU 600 known as the Premium HF-SBF06 Stainless Steel (sold under Hurom Premium HF series).

The surface area of the strainer of traditional horizontal masticating juicer is not as big as the HU-600, which advantageous to extract more juice in spite of low speed. Hurom invented the vertical juicer and moving the fluid from the top of the extractor and using a large surface area which helps to pass the liquids more quickly.      

Hurom introduces unique silicone wiper-blade system in newly developed HU-600 and HU-700 models. The wiping blade rotates in between the juicer bowl and the strainer which prevent blockage up as well as clean the inside. It also restricts entering less pulp into juice during operation. However, it’s not a big problem who love HU-100, if you found more pulp you can use a sieve externally to resolve it.  

Additionally, Hurom includes non-drip silicon valve and cap on the juice outlet in the HU-600 model. This valve helps to eliminate dripping liquids onto the counter top of the kitchen cabinet as well as allows the juice bowls to be filled with water at the end of each juicing so that the silicon wiper blades clean the inside more efficiently. It also facilitates to prepare mixed fruits or vegetable juice. On the contrary, it will not be an issue for HU-100 if your handle it carefully. 

The volume of juice bowl of HU-600 is 500 ml with a measurement scale, means you can accurately gauge the juice and opened the value on time to dispense easily. As you can make juice continuously with HU 100, the volume will not retard you to prepare more glass for family serve. However, in the case of a big family, you can think HU 600.

Furthermore, HU-600 comes with two strainers fine and coarse. With the macro strainer you can prepare juice from soft fruits, and on the other hand, you can use a micro strainer for dry foods like wheatgrass, nut. However, the single strainer of HU-100 is seamed sufficient to most of the consumers whose have no desire for perfect juice.

Therefore, if you have no budget constraints and you are looking for some elegant design with a combination of precise engineering than HU-600 is a good choice. For daily rough use, most of the people love the Hurom HU-100. Earlier we mentioned that the HU-600 launched in European Market which is compatible with 240 Volt. Keep it in your consideration before taking the final purchase decision.   

Hurom HU 100 vs. HU 700

We already discussed that the model HU-700 launched at precisely the same time when HU-600 comes and with the same kind of modifications. The difference between 600 & 700 is only the outlooks, nothing else. The HU-700 is also known as an ‘HH-DBG06’ and silver finish in a plastic shell. Both the model comes with heavy-duty features over the HU-100. All are working well, so it is up to you, which model you want for your kitchen. 

Hurom HU 100 vs. HU 500

The Hurom HU-500 is a colored version of HU-100, features are identical for both the models. The HU-500 also designed for the European market as like 600 & 700. If you are ready to pay a little extra for lucrative design, then you may choose HU 500.

Hurom HU 100 vs. HU 400

Likewise HU 600 & HU 700, the Hurom HU-400 is similar to the HU-500. The components of both the model are the same, except some design variation. However, Hurom is a global company they design HU-400 for Singapore, China, and Japan market.

Hurom HU 100 vs. Omega VRT

Omega is a superb brand in the arena of masticating juicer. The word ‘VERT’ stands for a vertical juicer. As a famous brand Omega has a wide range of products, among that vertical juicer are almost similar to Hurom HU-100.

As like Hurom, Omega also well designed and relatively affordable. As a consequence, both the product Hurom and Omega manufactured by same company DongAh Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hurom HU 100 vs. Omega 8006

Omega 8006 is a different model than HU-100, as it is a horizontal masticating juicer. It extrudes the pulp from the front of the device and ejected juice at the bottom part. The Omega 8006 made of a powerful motor which thoroughly chews up the plant fiber and extracts juice without destructing enzymes and mineral content.

The Omega 8006 is a dual-stage horizontal masticating juicer which can extract nuts, extrude pasta, and even grind coffee and spices. The versatile Omega juicer can also make baby food, soy milk, and parsley, spinach, kale, or wheatgrass more efficiently than HU-100. However, as a vertical juicer, Hurom can extract juicer from soft fruits like orange more efficiently than Omega 8006.

So, if you like to prepare juice from leafy green more frequently than juicy fruits, then Omega will be the right choice or if your target is to make juice from soft fruits only then Hurom HU-100 is better. 

Hurom HU 100 vs. Omega VRT350

The only dissimilarity between the Hurom HU-100 and Omega VRT350 is color. Omega VRT 350 is a newer version with stylish gray color with blackish highlights whereas HU-100 is white. Despite this, both are masticating slow juicer running at 80 RPMs, both manufactured by the same company DongAh Industrial Co., Ltd.

Performance Comparision of HU 100 with different Juicer

performance test

From above we see that the performance of Hurom HU 100 is better than the average performance of all masticating juicer. Especially, for wheatgrass HU-100 score 3.0 which is more than averages as well as other renowned brands like Omega VRT350 and J8006.

Where can I get replacement parts for the Hurom HU-100?

Hurom is a global company, and it has a worldwide network and retail shops. You can certainly get the contact info of retail shops on its website. So, in case of replacement of any parts you can contact directly with Hurom officials or visit nearest retail shops, or you may visit Amazon.

If your product still under warranty coverage, then contract with Hurom they will take care of your product. Either repair or replace whatever required.

What’s the Best Price for the Hurom HU-100 and Where Can I Buy It?

The price depends on from where you are going to buy this product. If you want to buy it from Amazon, then it is better to check Amazon site as it varies on time. I’ve found that Amazon offers the best price of 10 to 15% lower than other always. 

Verdict: Is This Juicer For You?

Since 1974, Hurom has remained enthusiastic about preserving its core principle of “creating benefits for people.” Hurom has spent over 40 years pursuing the ways of offering new values through innovation and be a part of people’s daily lives as more than just a kitchen appliance manufacturer.

It is nearly impossible to make such a product which has no flaws, even high priced like Super Angel. However, as an old company like Hurom, they will never quit from your side. They are always trying to serve their customer with the highest effort and dedication.

Hence, if you are looking for a juicer with a good track record, the Hurom HU 100 will be the excellent option. It is suitable for juicing quietly both from fruits and vegetables. As a design, it is similar to a centrifugal juicer which is slim and easily fit with your countertop without occupying much space.

If you are a fruit or veggie juice lover and looking for a simple, affordable juicer, you can go for Hurom HU 100.

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