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To make our life more easy and versatile, there is no alternative to making our kitchen full with modern juicing equipment. Nowadays we are investing in good foods or become a member of a gym to maintain our good health. The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juicer is the perfect one if you want a durable, convenient as well as a fast juicer. This Juice Fountain Plus is also known as an affordable, sturdy, and no-nonsense juicer.Australian company Breville is its manufacturer. This company is a very well-known manufacturer of kitchen appliances that founded in Sydney in 1932. With over 80 years of experience is creating Breville is delivering happiness in small kitchens by its quality kitchen appliances. With this JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus model, you can get almost every possible facilities in juicing that you are expecting to have in your kitchen.

What Interesting About the Breville JE98XL Juicer?

Today’s world is full of excitements, and it’s a must to have some interesting features to be competitive here and win the heart of the customers. The JE98XL juicer has the following interesting but very useful features:

Powerful motor- The Breville Juice Fountain Plus has an 850-watt dual speed motor. This unified motor also comes with its stainless steel cutting disc and stainless steel mesh filter basket. In total it extracts juice powerfully at maximum speeds. It is one of the very strong features of this juicer.

2-speed control:

This magnificent juicer is set with only two speed control. These are low and high speed control settings. It enables customized speeds for the produce of different juices. Here the slow 6,500-RPM speed is perfect for soft produces while the fast 12,000-RPM is for hard fruits like apples and carrots. So, its functionality is quite less complex.

Minimal heat generation– This Breville Juice Fountain Plus generates only 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. Unlike other centrifugal juicer brands, this helps to keep naturally-occurring enzymes & antioxidants intact.

Large feed tube– This Fountain Plus juicer comes with extra-wide 3.3 -inch feeder chute. It helps to let you skip the tedious task of chopping and slicing your produce. That’s how there is no prep time required for this model of Breville product.

Safety mechanisms-The safety locking arm and the overload protection are two main safety systems that in built mechanism of this juicer. Here also LED work together to guarantee your safety.

Durable structure-The body is made of heavy-grade polymer to last for years. Stainless steel cutting disc surrounded by Italian made micro mesh filter can extract up to 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins and minerals.

Convenience features– Large capacity feed tubes eliminate the need for meticulous chopping and slicing. The 1-liter juice jug comes with a froth separator, and the pulp container (2.5 liters) features an integrated handle for more convenience. It is with a voltage of 110-120 Volts and power of 800 watts.

Easy cleaning- Major parts of this model are safe for the top shelf of a dishwasher. Therefore, cleaning is not an issue here, and it is simple for everyone.

Origin & Warranty-This juicer is Australian by origin. So, a quality I ensured. It is covered 1-year limited product Warranty (not transferable) when you purchase a new one of JE98XL juicer. For any manufacturer error and parts defects then, the warranty support is provided. It may sound too short. Breville customer service is also easy to contact, and warranty claims are handled very quickly in most valid cases.

Is the Breville JE98XL a Masticating Juicer?

If we go though its functionality and review, we can easily find no review or internal functionality claims that JE98XL is a masticating juicer. A masticating juicer works much more slowly at best 80 RPM. On the other hand, this is a centrifugal juicer which has a much greater rpm for the cutting disc. Here for this juicer, you will get 12000 rpm you can get from the JE98XL.

On the other hand, if you think, practically you can easily understand that in a fast-paced world the slowness of the masticating juicer may not be that useful. The JE98XL can make you a drink in a matter of minutes whereas masticating juicers may take huge time

How Do You Clean the Breville JE98XL?

Washing up is the most annoying aspect of frequent juicing. But an advantage of centrifugal juicers is that they’re generally easy to clean, and this is true of the Breville JE98XL. It is an easy clean model that comes with a specially designed scrubbing brush to clean the filter mesh quickly and easily.

When you’ve finished juicing with your JE98XL, it’s best to rinse the parts immediately. There are only a few parts to clean, so this is very quick too. It is to remember that the filter bowl surround, pulp container, Nutri Disc, filter basket, and juice jug are all dishwasher-safe (top shelf only). However, it’s best to be careful with the Nutri Disk and the filter basket. Although they’re dishwasher safe, these components are relatively trickey. The food pusher and the juice cover are not dishwasher-safe. Again never immerse the motor base in any liquid whatsoever. To clean the filter basket carefully, it is necessary to soak it in warm, soapy water for approximately ten minutes. After that, you can brush it clean with light strokes of the nylon brush.

So, it’s really easy to clean.

What Do Reviews of the Breville JE98XL say?

On amazon, the reviews for the JE98XL are positive with 4.3 out of 5 stars. It shows around 70% users rated it as five stars.  The most important issue of this model that people like most is they can drink it quickly. In general, it doesn’t take you more than 15 minutes to get what you need and also cleaning the unit.

The reviewers also reviewed very positively for its incredible efficient and hassle-free operations. They also marked good as it is not that much noisy as some of the more powerful juicers out there. The simplicity of only two speed setting options charmed the people. It just uses the slow setting for soft fruits and the faster setting for the harder fruits. It made the juicer more easy to use and functional. The end users found that this centrifugal model can extract 90% of fruits or vegetable.

Some even mentioned that the juicer is very easy to dissemble and easy to clean the parts. It comes with only five components which are easy to make apart and clean those with nothing more than warm soapy water. Here is no such lacking in functionality and quality.

Breville JE98XL

How Does the Breville JE98XL Compare?

Let’s have a look at the overall comparison of different models and brands with JE98XL.

Breville JE98XL vs. 800JEXL

Apparently these two are very similar in many features and functions. But we can say that the 850-watt motor of the JE98XL became 1000 watts in 800JEXL. The high setting increased here from 12000 rpm to 13000 rpm, plastic parts replaced by stainless steel. Not only that, the cutting disc reinforced with titanium, and the pulp container grew to 3.2 quarts. So, the Breville 800JEXL is the most updated and expensive version of JE98XL. According to the official site of Breville, it’s something twice as expensive as the JE98XL with trendy looks.

Breville JE98XL vs. BJE200XL

The BJE200XL features a less powerful 700-watt motor than the Breville JE98XL, which is an 850-watt motor juice extractor. You will also find that the BJE200XL has only set and it’s at 14000 rpm, while the JE98XL’s high setting is only at 12000 rpm.

The JE98XL also looks better, and it’s made of heavy-grade polymer material, which is stronger than the simple plastic found on the BJE200XL. On the other hand, the JE98XL is also much easier to use and clean.

Breville JE98XL vs. BJE510XL

The BJE510XL is a bit higher in price than that of JE98XL. Usually, you only have to spend $50 more. That money pays for the extra settings available on the BJE510XL, which offers five speeds compared to the two on the JE98XL. These settings range from 6500 to 13000 rpm, with three more settings between the two high and low settings.

Moreover, the BJE510XL offers a bit larger pulp container at 3 liters, as the JE98XL offers 2.5 liters pulp container.

Breville JE98XL vs. BJS600XL

These two are different types of juicers. The BJS600XL is a masticating juicer, which is a slow juicer with a 240-watt motor. So what it does is to slowly and methodically squeeze the last bit of juice from the produce. It produces less noise than your usual centrifugal juicer like the Breville JE98XL juicer.

Moreover, if you’re in a hurry, then the JE98XL is a better choice for you as it can take a very long time to get a drink with the BJS600XL.

Breville JE98XL vs. JE95XL

These two models are very similar juicers of Breville. But JE98XL is an upgraded version of the JE95XL. They also look very similar. There is an overload protection feature in JE98XL, which is absent in the model JE95XL. The spinning speed of JE98XL models is 12000 RPM. Again the spinning speed of JE95XL is 14000 RPM, which is not that big difference.

In terms of price, JE95XL a bit low. However, if you like some upgraded features, then you can go for the model JE98XL for sure.

Breville JE98XL vs. Omega J8006

Again a centrifugal vs. masticating juicer came to inform of us. The masticating J8006 is very useful for juicing a lot of wheatgrass and leafy greens, or if you’re planning on making nut butter. For these purposes, the JE98XL is much less effective.

Although it’s with 80rpm motor, the J8006 made from better material, compared to the JE98XL, there is a big difference in warranty as Omega comes with an impressive 15-year warranty, while the Breville only comes with its standard 1-year warranty. Omega model is also much quieter too. Moreover, JE98XL has much wider feed chute to make the production fact and hassle free.

Breville JE98XL vs. Omega J8005

Being said that the J8005 is just the less advanced version of the J8006, we again found have centrifugal vs. masticating comparison here. Therefore, the same differences will apply, although this time the J8005 comes only with a 10-year warranty and the measurements is also smaller than that of JE98XL.

Again, with the J8005 you can extract from wheatgrass and leafy greens, grind coffee beans, and whip up soy milk. But the JE98XL won’t work here.

Breville JE98XL vs. Omega VRT350

The VRT350 is a masticating juicer, and we all know that the JE98XL is a centrifugal juicer. Therefore the differences are again obvious regarding speed and power as we know the JE98XL offer more watts and greater rpm. There is a disadvantage too. The masticating juicers produce too quickly that it causes heat that can diminish the nutritional benefits of juices.

In term of cost, the VRT350 is very expensive. It also takes a lot of time to produce the drink you need.

Breville JE98XL vs. Omega BMJ330

The BMJ330 features a 375-watt motor, but 850 watts found in the JE98XL. And while it matches the 3-inch feed chute of the JE98XL, it offers something you won’t find in any Breville juicer (so far).

On the other hand, the BMJ330 comes with a 10-year warranty, which positively outmatches the 1-year warranty you’ll find in Breville juicers. But it doesn’t come with a juice jug or a cleaning brush, there’s no juice spout cover that prevents dripping, and its juice has a lot of foam, etc.

Breville JE98XL vs. Cuisinart CJE-1000

These two offer many similar benefits to users. Both of them feature powerful motors and 3-inch feed chutes. So you don’t need to cut up the produce first before you juice them.

The CJE-1000 may offer a 1000-watt motor, but it may be too much noisy for someone. It also offers five settings compared to the 2 in the Breville. Often, this can make things more complicated.

What’s The Best Price for the Breville JE98XL and Where Can I Buy It?

You can get the Breville JE98XL online in ecommerce websites. You can also purchase it at the official Breville website, or you can visit Amazon or eBay to have a look at the prices and make buying decisions.

On the official website you with free shipping, which you may not get from other sellers. So make sure that what you pay for shipping is less than the savings you enjoy with any supposed discount.

If you’re looking for the best price for the quality products, you should head on to Amazon.

Verdict: Is This Juicer For You?

It is very clear and simple that Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus is very easy to use and to clean, and it doesn’t even cost a lot of money. On the other hand, it gives you high quality juice that can last for days when refrigerated. It is also true that the slow masticating juicer can be more beneficial in getting more health benefits. But they may cost more, and they need more preparation time.

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