Breville BJB840XL Review

Nowadays we all are busy with our day to day life. At the same time, spends less time in our kitchens. But still, we want to make juice by our won. It has a fresh impact on our mind. Breville BJB840XL Juicer and Blender is a dual purpose machine with a juicer and blender. It is with a very impressive performance and design. Many dieticians and doctors suggest using juicer regularly to make green juices and fruit smoothies. It helps to keep us fit. After juicing foods, you get to taste the real flavor, and it directly helps your body to absorb its nutrients.

Breville is an Australian company a very well-known brand in juice and food processing industry. With over 80 years of experience in creating small kitchen appliances, it is trying to provide different food processors. It includes juicer and blender. Although we’ve found their BJB840XL juicer and blender is one of the best in the market. Our review of the BJP840XL will help you decide if this juicer and blender are right for you.

Breville BJB840XL

What Is Interesting About The Breville BJB840XL Juicer?

The kitchen appliance brand Breville designed this BJB840XL. The thoughtful innovation attributed the juicer and blender with lots of features. The major interesting aspects are as follows:

Purpose of serve and quality:

Very first, it serves two purposes- juicing as well as blending. So, it is two-in-one featured. The performance is equally good in both departments. The juicer has a motor that gives out 1000 watt.On the other hand, the blender’s motor gives out 1200 watt. So, juicer vs. blender – all are equally powerful with such strong motors. Most interesting facts is that the hemisphere blade and bowl technology has introduced in this machine that enhances the efficiency of the machine as well as the quality of the juice it gives. It ensures crushes ice very well to form small crystals and juicing is also good. With its five adjustable speeds, this device can be able to work on all kinds of fruits and vegetables. The quality and simple functionality made this blender and juicer – all in one product apart from others.

The body elements:

The metal body is a positive feature, and it is very rare for a juicer to have this in the affordable price range. Such full metal body is good for all through rough use, and all the plastic juicers are bound to develop cracks after a period. It is also a very tiresome process to replace the parts even after the warranty period. But such die-cast metal construction body helps us to avoid such hassle.

Low preparation time:

Its 3 inch feed tube can fit in the whole fruits and vegetables. Therefore, you don’t have to waste your time for preparation of cutting the vegetables. So, it is helpful as it prevents the tedious task of cutting and then feeding it in. So, you can do your juice within a few minutes.

Work efficiency:

This Breville juicers and blenders have a balance in speed as well as efficiency. As it comes with five variable speed limits, this juicer and blender combo can use according to the desire of a person with maximum efficiency. So you can use it to juice with a variety of things, and it can also be used to crush ice along with juicing. Its five inch extra wide chute ensures that apples and oranges can be put as wholes without cutting.

Available accessories:

The accessories are a very important issue here. The accessories include a jug with a path separator. Such available accessories attract the customers and getting nice accessories in addition to the juicer is always benefited. The accessories are also dishwasher safe and can easily cleanable. A nylon brush and cleaning materials can easily clean this Breville all in one machine.

Ultra – Durability:

In concern of the product’s stability and reliability, it can last long for years in good condition. The glass jug is scratch and chip-resistant. The machine solidly built with absolutely no design errors. The blades for the juice and blender also made in stainless steel. It prevents from rust shortly.


This unit has very simple assembling procedures. Not only that, it is very easy to disassemble too. All the procedures well described in the manuals. Food traps are removed as the technology hugs the base of the jug.

Safely issues:

This juicer and blender combo have 60 seconds overload protection system. It keeps this BJB840XL prevented from overheating and getting damaged. This model automatically shut down in case there is an overload issue. So, you don’t have to worry about over blending.

On the other hand, you can also find the safety locking arm attached it to keep both pitcher and juicer attachments and accessories. The feature helps attachments not to fly off at the time of usage, which made the model more efficient. The. The blades and other sharp accessories are also put in a safe way that they cannot make a mess by harming or injuring someone while using it. So, using this model of Breville product is very safe regarding safety measures.

Is the Breville BJB840XL a Masticating Juicer?

No. This machine uses most widely available and traditionally used the centrifugal method to extract the juice. This machine works well with fruits and hard vegetables, for instance, apple and carrot. But because of the centrifugal method, it does not go well with leafy greens.

When juicing herbs or leafy green vegetables, either you have to wrap them together to form a bundle or juice them in the middle of a combination of ingredients at low speed to obtain the best extraction. If you only want to juice herbs or leafy green vegetables, it is advised to juice them with a combination of other fruits.

What Do Reviews of the BJB840XL Say?

With overall 3.1 out of 5 stars (with 62% five stars reviewers), this blender & juicer reviewed as a good product. Finding a combination of both juicer and blender with all the major facilities is tough. This one is reviewed as the most expensive one out there because it's a juicer and with a quick switch it's a blender. But the advantage is that you have two machines with two separate Breville motors.

This machine is recommended as strong, heavy and originally commercial in quality. This best juicer blender is best for small kitchens. It also came to our knowledge that compares to other masticating juicers, this seems much quicker, and it has an easy cleanup process. Attachment parts are dishwasher friendly.

They have great customer service as many of customers got very positive responses. Regarding two in one functionality in one – it’s a great investment. It also has comparatively less noise with high performance.

There were a few minor defects in the juicer. Some complaints received that the juicer produced juice with too much of pulp as some people do not like too much pulp in their juice.

On the other hand, as the juicer has many components, for some it is very tedious work to clean from various places. It needs time and a lot of efforts. Hence, if you are buying this machine, you need to spend much time cleaning it although it’s an easy process.

We all know that metal construction has great importance for it, but it makes the juicer heavy. It also reduces the portability of the juicer.

Another customer group reports its 1000 watt and 1200 watt motors draw a lot of current too.

So, here’s both positive and negative reviews for you to help you to make your decisions.

How Does the BJB840XL Compare?

In general, the BJB840XL is both juicers, and blender combo and The BJE820XL is both a juicer and a smoothie maker. This comparison will give you more information quickly so that you can easily decide which product to choose. So what is the difference between the Breville BJB840XL and the Breville BJE820XL?

Breville BJB840XL vs. BJE820XL:

BJE820XL is another very smart model of Breville. It is also as famous as BJB840XL is. This model is good as a juicer and also smoothie maker with its powerful motor.  It can blend different types of foods including fruits and make a healthy smoothie. Like BJB840XL it has five levels of speed setting with 1200 watt. Users can choose the level of thickness for its smoothie through instructing to its control settings.

The BJE820XL share many similar features with the BJB840XL other than the fact that smoothie making is also possible here. BJE820XL also has two discs. One is a juice disc, and the other is a puree disc. So, the main difference is that BJE820XL is only a juicer. It has no blend option while BJB840XL is both juicer and blender.

Therefore, BJB840XL is more multi-functional and versatile machine as it is both juicer and blender at the same time. There are many other options for juicing here.

Breville BJB840XL vs. Vitamix:

Vitamix is also a world famous brand for juicing. It is very close to any comparison in many aspects of Breville BJB840. Vitamix is very much like professional blending. It is much lighter than that of BJB840XL. The price tag is also much similar to Breville. Vitamix has much long warranty period than Breville.

On the other hand, it is to note that Vitamix has only one option which is blending. It does not come with juicing option for extracting the pulp. Here the choice is limited for the users as it gives only the concentrated liquid only. It is tough to make smoothie manually.

Therefore, compared to Vitamix blenders, BJB840XL is more multi functional and versatile machine as it is both juicer and blender at the same time.

Irrespective to any compare, BJB840XL can be a great option for you.

Where Can I Get Replacement Parts for the Breville BJB840XL?

This Breville model has two years repair guarantee with five years motor guarantee from purchase date with proof of purchase. Breville prefers to work on their products themselves.

Therefore, if your blender is out of warranty or needs a new part, you can buy replacement parts from many online vendors. Breville & Amazon website provides different parts, accessories and replacement parts, such as a new lid or blade, on their website. The replacement parts easily can be purchased from the websites. There are different categories with a full line of parts. So, you can get whatever parts you want through the websites, and they will deliver you anywhere you want around the world.

What’s the Best Price for the Breville BJB840SL and Where Can I Buy It?

From the customers’ review, we came to know that that there are many places you can order the Breville but the many people specifically choose Amazon because they have a great price and also great service. They got it within two days also with attractive offers.

There are also many e-commerce market places from where you can buy it. But as mentioned earlier to get the best and updated price it is recommended to visit Amazon for BJB840XL juice and blend dual purpose juicer and blender. 

Hence, be sure that you hit the best prices of the market by clicking HERE.

Verdict: Is This Juicer For You?

If you are surely looking for a quality juicer that can also be able to serve as a blender, Breville BJB840XL is for you. It is a very desirable juicer which is not priced very highly as you are getting a juicer as a blender both in one machine.

Before making any concrete decision think about what kind of juice you want, how long you’re willing to wait for it. And also what you’re prepared to pay along with time management. It will help you to narrow down the best models for you according to your choice and needs. If you neglect a few minor flaws, this product could be a great investment for you.

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